Found It: Fur Vest

People always ask me how often I shop. Truth is…not much. However, when I do, I make sure to by pieces that I can wear forever. Because I still have items in my closet from high school (yes, I am serious) when people ask where I got something, I sometimes do not have an answer. But this creates a fun little game for me! I LOVE to find things for people and I get SO excited when I come across the particular piece or something similar. Case in point…my Rachel Zoe vest. I have had it for about 5 years. It sold out pretty much right after I got my hands on it so unfortunately it was not available for others to enjoy. But fear not!!! I found something almost identical!!!

Check it out!

Rachel Zoe Vest


Sam Edelman Faux Fur Vest

Faux Fur Vest (Online Only)



Currently Obsessed

What’s my current obsession? The shoe selection at Free People. Um, wow. Just another thing that lights my fall fire! The rugged, rich leathers are to die for.

These aren’t your feminine, girly kicks. But they do send some, “I’m bad ass with a side of sexy” vibes.

Bed Stu Manchester (I have them in Tan Luxe)

Royal Rush Wrap Boots

Baroness Heel Ankle Boot

Elsie Loafer

Desert Gold Clog



Want it Wednesday

Someone once said, “Nothing haunts us like something we didn’t buy.” (By someone I mean Instagram.) Ain’t that the truth! And haunted I was last fall when I passed up this beauty. Now this may not be politically correct but…bring on the leather! I have just never been a fan of faux leathers. Until I came across the BlankNYC Faux Leather Jacket @ Nordstrom. I absolutely loved everything about it. The shape, the structure…just gorgeous. Only problem, it wasn’t genuine leather. The difference though were the reviews. Basically, according to everyone, this piece was flawless. And the price, are you kidding me! Now to the tragedy ;o(  When I finally broke down and went to my cart (you know I love to fill a virtual shopping bag) dun dun dun…it was sold out! Crushed! But my heart was revived when I was scrolling thru and there she was! Ladies, do not pass this by.

BLANKNYC Faux Leather Jacket via Nordstrom

Faux Leather Jacket



Curly Q…

Good morning! Now, I’m not going to do a full blown step by step tutorial. And a YouTube video would just be setting myself up for disaster. However, I am going to give you a simple and easy rundown on how I tame this mane! There are two looks I go to: loose soft curls, and tighter “wild” curls.

Here are the products and tools used for each look!

Loose Curls


Hot Tools 1 1/2 Inch Curling Iron   Aveda Air Control Hairspray  Revlon Cushion Brush

Start by spraying hair lightly all over. Curl 2 inch sections starting from the root backwards to the ends. When finished curling, spray hair and let sit for 2 minutes. Brush hair lightly.

loose curls

Wild Curls


Pssssst Dry Shampoo  Hot Tools 1 Inch Curling Iron   Aveda Air Control Hairspray  Pin Tail Comb

Start by lightly spraying dry shampoo on all hair. Section hair and spray again on roots. Curl 1 inch sections starting from roots both forward and backwards, alternating section by section. When finished curling, spray hair again lightly with dry shampoo. Let sit 2 minutes. Tease hair aggressively at root and continue 2 inches down. Smooth hair and pick apart curls with fingers. Finish with hairspray.

big curls



Lazy Bones…

Now, I am not going to lie…when I am at home, my “lounge wear” usually consist of an old Vicky Secret nighty. (Poor Nathan.) But with girl’s weekends, bachelorettes and fall morning approaching it is always good to have a stock of cute but comfy items to just kick it in.  You can be loungy and still look put together. I promise ;o)

Here are a few of my picks!

Graphic Tee

Open-Front Cardi


Cinched Lounge Pant

Spacedye Tunic

Spacedye Jogger


Whisper jersey nightshirt

Sleep Tank and Shorts

Aerie Softest Sleep TankAerie Side Stripe Floral Pant - Available in Lengths!



Friday Cocktail: Moscow Mule

It’s pretty rare I find a cocktail I REALLY enjoy. I am more of a wine, beer, champagne girl. One ingredient, alcohol, and done! I like a mojito but I tend to embarrass my husband to the point of him suggesting I hop behind the bar and do it myself ;o) (I like my mojitos a VERY specific way.) Well, not that this cocktail in new on the scene but I find it always works for me and is so refreshing. Plus, it contains simple ingredients that are pretty hard to mess up.

Moscow Mule

1/2 FRESH lime (none of that bar juice crap)

2 ounces Vodka (by 2 I mean just pour a bunch but recipes require actual amount)

4-6 ounces Ginger Beer (just recently discovered this doesn’t contain  alcohol, boo)

Splash of soda water (not actually in recipe but of course I have to change something, I’m annoying)

Mint leaf (everything is better with mint)

Pour vodka into ice filled copper mug, squeeze lime like a boss, toss said lime in glass. Fill with ice cold ginger beer then top with splash o’ soda water. Throw the mint on top.

DIY: Sugar Scrub

Listen ladies (and gents if you are reading) I am SOOO not a DIYer. At all. But, if I already have the items and it is simple, I might consider it. Well, this little project literally could not be easier. And you only need two ingredients. What is this easy and amazing situation I am talking about…homemade Sugar Scrub! Cheap, easy and a must-have for everyone.  All you need is honey and brown sugar.

 What makes me love this product even more? We ALWAYS have The Honey Hutch honey in the Powers’ house made locally by our dear friend. So not only does it work, but it taste deelish! You can purchase this yummy gift of the earth here

Just combine 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon sugar. Mix well and massage onto lips. Leave on as long as you would like. (And try not to lick it off right away!)



Fall Must…

It has been a while since I have been on the hunt for a “black jean.” In the past, every pair I have purchased would fade after one wash (even after using Woolite Darks). And basically…it would get on my nerves. Well, I am LOVING the faded, destructed skinnies that have been popping up.

Check out my picks!

Rag and Bone

'The Skinny' Stretch Jeans (Coal with Holes)

Asos Ridley


Jcrew Toothpick in Blacksmith

Blank Denim

Saint Laurent Ripped Skinny (totally wish list!)

Ripped Skinny Jeans